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Cat bed handmade with the picture and name of your cat

Katzenbetten personalisierbar mit Bild

wooden cat bed box - ideal sleeping place for cats

Our wooden cat box - ideal sleeping place for cats. Cats love to sleep in boxes. Unfortunately, they also like to nibble on them,

so that the sleeping place has to be replaced after a few days. We have the cardboard feeling with a long shelf life.

Our cat beds are made of 18 mm thick wood and are equipped with a super soft cushion that can also be heated.

Handmade in Germany, these cat beds are manufactured in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

We offer this high-quality cat bed untreated, i.e. in the original wood look, but also in different colours. All paints used are water-based paints and no longer water-soluble after drying.


Choose from the various motifs and upload your cat picture. We will then fit it into the motif and engrave it into your cat bed.

You can also enter the name and a funny saying, which we will then add to the engraving.

So you have a unique and high-quality one-off. Of course, this cannot be topped as a gift, since no Amazon mass product can compete with it.

picture on an handmade cat bed

cat bed with name an picture of your cat


Katzenbett, Holzgestell mit super weichem Kissen, beheizbar

beheizbares Katzenbett Holz, indoor

Size : 40 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm********Wooden frame with wooden base********Cushion: Cover: Fabric made of cotton, can be washed in the washing machine******* **Filling: super soft cuddly filling for optimal lying comfort************ super economical and safe heating element in the cat bed************ designed for continuous operation ******** always cuddly warm no matter how cold the environment is ***** maximum electricity costs of 3 cents per 24 hours of operation. ********* safe German product

Cat bed with name and picture

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