Octacat climbing walls - Octacat

The newly developed climbing wall


for cats fits into every home and allows


the furry-nose to have


climbing fun as if they were outdoors.


The pad made of pure new wool allows


climbing fun as well as the care of the


claws at the same time.

Cat climbing walls

We developed the climbing walls for cats by observing our own cats. Our felines only spend time indoors and it quickly became clear that normal scratching posts do not offer what cats actually need in terms of exercise. In addition, sisal scratching posts are extremely fragile in terms of durability. Even branded products can be quickly so badly damaged that the sisal hangs down in shreds. The procurement of spare parts is also difficult, because larger manufacturing tolerances can cause the scratching post to become knocked sideways. Moreover, sisal cultivation is often associated with child labour.


Time for something new! Climbing walls made of virgin wool

Once attached to the wall, it encourages the cats to climb it - just as they climb trees outside. They hold their own weight and thus challenge their bodies. The climbing wall can also be equipped with toys to keep the fun going. Sleeping hollows can be added at the top. Altogether this gives pure climbing fun and a sleeping area at the same time. There are also countless options to keep the animals busy. A laser pointer is particularly impressive. Point a spot on the climbing wall, move it back and forth a little and the pets become hunters.

The individual panels can also be replaced at any time after installation if colour changes are desired, also extensions of the cat climbing wall are possible at any time due to the constant standard dimensions.

Screws and dowels are supplied for mounting.


The climbing wall comes in three designs:



- wood

- 100% polyester

- solid- coloured

- washable



- wood

- 100% new wool of worldwide


- solid- coloured

- washable

- over 90% sustainable

- recyclable



If you are undecided, you can also try out our classics. Here we have put together scratching walls which are used by our friends and acquaintances with great popularity.

"The Strip"

70 cm wide and 210cm high

“Sloping roof”

140 cm wide and 210 cm high


Up to 210 cm wide and up to 210 cm high, depending on arrangement



Additional items for the climbing wall:

Octacat climbing walls

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